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Jennifer Lowrance

J Low Events is a boutique event planning company specializing in premier weddings, special events and venue consulting in Houston and The Woodlands, TX



At Texas Children’s Hospital the President and CEO believes that “Leadership always influences or determines outcomes—not some of the time, but all of the time.” Jen Lowrance is a fantastic leader in coordinating the details for special events and a strong communicator with all groups involved. Together those two skills combined ensured success for the 2019 MainStreet America Gala benefiting the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute (NRI). Her leadership, positive outlook, proactive planning, insightful expertise, understanding of fundraising goals, and adaptability ensured success for this very special event for the NRI at Texas Children’s Hospital.
— Eileen May Condit - Director, Office of Philanthropy
J Low Events is absolutely fantastic! My daughter had our first granddaughter this spring, and we wanted dear friends to meet her. Jen took care of everything. One word that truly describes the beginning to actually hosting the “Sip n’ See” is perfection! Jen orchestrated an afternoon enhancing my ideas and creating a memorable afternoon that will be cherished by my family! She was involved with every decision, and her vendors’ products were perfect in every way from the caterer to graphic artist. I can’t wait to host my next event and ask Jen to be in charge. Undoubtably, J Low Events is the best of the best!
— Dr. Ann Snyder
I can’t believe the wedding and reception came and went. So many emotions, but let us start by saying: WOW! Expectations Exceeded, 1,000%. We all got home last night and couldn’t go to bed. We stayed up pretty late retelling the evening from what we all saw and felt. You pulled together a magical weekend for the Trinkles and Radkes, one which will be talked about fondly for decades.
— Joe and Linda Trinkle
Jennifer Lowrance is a force of nature! I have been in the special event industry for over thirty years and I have seldom encountered anyone with her upbeat and can-do attitude...not to mention her quality of work! I can only imagine what a client gets when they pay based on what I saw her give in a volunteer position! Jen’s countless hours of dedication led the Montgomery County Habitat for Humanity Gala to an impressive financial result in the Silent Bid Board and Live Auction areas. All were creatively presented and well received. Working with her was an absolute pleasure! Can we please clone her!!!
— Paul-David Van Atta - President & CEO at PDV Special Events, LLC
I hired Jen Lowrance to do my daughter’s wedding, having seen her “in action” as a volunteer chairman for a gala. There, I observed her calm demeanor, always- smiling face, level-headedness, and ability to multi-task and make everyone happy. She did not disappoint as a wedding planner! We should’ve hired her earlier, as she would’ve saved us money with the vendors, but had already scheduled many things when we hired her for “month of the wedding.” Every single vendor we talked to not only KNEW Jen, but also LOVED her. From invitations to band to linens to floral, décor, venue, quintet, etc., they all expressed their pleasure in working with Jen Lowrance. She was able to totally change plans, layouts and help vendors at the last minute when our outside wedding was rained out! It turned out so beautiful, and no one knew how much had to be done behind the scenes by our smiling, calm and capable wedding planner. What strikes our family most is her willingness to bend over backwards to make the bride and family happy, and do it with such grace and style. We are forever grateful, and hope to hire her for our next 2 daughters’ weddings!
— Cindy Hageman
Jen was FANTASTIC! Not only did she do a wonderful job, but she is also a wonderful person. It was a pleasure to spend time with her. We especially appreciated the calm tone that she set on the wedding day (she is very experienced and not easily ruffled)! She had the perfect combination of friendliness and firmness. She got everything done with a smile! At first, my husband I wondered if it was worth the added expense to hire her. Ha! She was worth it and more. My husband was so impressed, he told her that she should run for president.
— Prissy Snelling
We only had five months to plan our wedding and Jen made the whole process so much easier. She was very responsive and had an amazing talent for taking our ideas and making them even better! She referred us to some outstanding vendors who all did great jobs for us. Jen has a very pleasing personality and people enjoy being around her. The day of the wedding her services were priceless. She worked all day making sure everything was just as we wanted and was very accommodating to everyone’s needs.
— Tammy Booker
If I could use one word to describe Jen Lowrance it would be Dream Weaver. Ok that’s two. What Jen brings to an event is a wealth of knowledge, positive communication skills and vendor relationships. She is the conductor that brings every detail together and orchestrates each vendor to produce the beautiful experience you’ve dreamed of. She possesses the unique ability of listening to your vision and then executing it by either choosing or directing you to the vendors she knows can produce it. She is refreshing, intelligent and skilled in her communication with everyone she comes in contact with. Jen’s years of event experience has gifted her with the uncanny ability of heading off problems and always having a plan B if needed, protecting a clients event investment. You could say she is a present day perfect girl scout. Always being prepared and able to diffuse difficult situations with poise, grace and skill.
— Stacey Emmett - Owner of Chandelier Grove
Not only is she undoubtedly the WORLDS BEST wedding planner but she is also just a great person. I think for anyone who attended the wedding, with the way everything ran so seamlessly, her planning skills speak for themselves. Absolutely every knot had been tied and every box had been checked and accounted for. While she is extremely organized, smart and thorough in the process of planning, organizing and ideas for the wedding, the real shine comes from her character and personality. Jen made sure to really get to know us. She knew everything we hoped for in a wedding, and exactly what we were going for. She was invested in every detail of the wedding because she knew what “feel” we were going for and made sure to get everything exactly how we wanted it and not just what vendor would get us the best price or what vendors she was friends with. Her wedding planning skills are second to none and I highly recommend her to anyone!!
— Meghan McAlpine

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