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Jennifer Lowrance

J Low Events is a boutique event planning company specializing in premier weddings, special events and venue consulting in Houston and The Woodlands, TX



Best Decision We Ever Made” – a MOB shares her thoughts about J Low Events

”When your only daughter gets married it is a pretty big deal! Having extensive experience in planning corporate events, I was not sure that I really needed a wedding planner because after all, I knew how to manage events! Chandelier Grove required a wedding planner so we selected J Low Events! The special thing about J Low is Jen Lowrance offers different packages – you can have an all-inclusive wedding planner, a two month out wedding planner or custom package. We selected the two months out package!

I originally thought the fee was a large expense for something I could do! Boy was I wrong! First off there is a difference between working with a corporate client and working with your daughter and other family members! It was so nice to have J Low take care of all the details for us. Everything was done and done well! How Jen handled the big details was great; but, even more impressive was how she managed those small details. This made the wedding day so pleasant for everyone involved! At the reception and dinner I am sure there were little issues that came up but I can honestly say I don’t know what they were because Jen Lowrance and her staff took care of everything!

Weddings are a joyous occasion but they also hard to plan for a novice. MOBs want everything perfect – you want the best services and products for a reasonable price with vendors who have a proven track record. When you become a client, J Low shares their preferred vendor list with you which was so helpful. The list is filled with seasoned and professional vendors, many of whom offer discounts to J Low clients. This discount offset the cost of J Low’s services – a win/win!

As the MOB, my goal for the wedding was to have a lovely event that was just what my daughter wanted; but more importantly, an event I would enjoy and cherish prior to, during and after the wedding. Because of J Low my dream came true. What a joy to have someone manage all the details which left me time to enjoy and experience a once in a lifetime event.

Personal service, a pleasant and service-driven attitude and a heart that is full of love and dedication to her clients means Jen Lowrance, though a hired professional, was really like planning the big day with your best friend! She was direct and driven when she had to be; but, also so loving and caring to make sure our wedding was magical. Everyone still comments that we had the most spectacular wedding they have ever attended…not the most lavish, not the most expensive, but just a perfect and flawless occasion. I do not think this would have happened had we not made one of the best wedding decisions – hiring J Low Events.

The wedding is over but my appreciation and admiration for Jen Lowrance will never fade. I miss her as a person because she is one of the finest people I have had the pleasure to know. Take the plunge whether it is a wedding, the rehearsal dinner or even a corporate event. You will never go wrong when you choose the best. Thank you, Jen, Lowrance for making Jennifer and Zach’s wedding the best ever!
— Donna Gurney
Looking back at our wedding day, I very simply couldn’t imagine it without Jen. Every single piece of the wedding flowed together so seamlessly that she made it all look easy, but when I think of all the moving parts and personalities she managed to herd into place at exactly the right moment, I’m in awe of her work. We hired Jen about 8 weeks before the wedding after I realized I simply didn’t have the time (or patience) to manage all of the vendors and remaining details while working full time. I was trying to be a cost conscious bride, and thought I could do it all, but Jen honestly saved us money in the long run by expertly negotiating with our vendors, many of whom she has longstanding relationships with, to get us the absolute most for our money. Jen took what had become a stressful planning process and turned it back into a fun, exciting, once in a lifetime party! The entire weekend, Jen seemed to be everywhere at once, and she worked tirelessly to allow me, my groom, MOB, MOG, and all of our guests to actually enjoy every special moment we spent so much time and money preparing for. Simply put, if you want to actually enjoy your wedding planning and be able to soak in every moment of your wedding day, call J Low Events as soon as you can!
— Kathryn Koetting
I hired Jen Lowrance to do my daughter’s wedding, having seen her “in action” as a volunteer chairman for a gala. There, I observed her calm demeanor, always- smiling face, level-headedness, and ability to multi-task and make everyone happy. She did not disappoint as a wedding planner! We should’ve hired her earlier, as she would’ve saved us money with the vendors, but had already scheduled many things when we hired her for “month of the wedding.” Every single vendor we talked to not only KNEW Jen, but also LOVED her. From invitations to band to linens to floral, décor, venue, quintet, etc., they all expressed their pleasure in working with Jen Lowrance. She was able to totally change plans, layouts and help vendors at the last minute when our outside wedding was rained out! It turned out so beautiful, and no one knew how much had to be done behind the scenes by our smiling, calm and capable wedding planner. What strikes our family most is her willingness to bend over backwards to make the bride and family happy, and do it with such grace and style. We are forever grateful, and hope to hire her for our next 2 daughters’ weddings!
— Cindy Hageman
Jen was FANTASTIC! Not only did she do a wonderful job, but she is also a wonderful person. It was a pleasure to spend time with her. We especially appreciated the calm tone that she set on the wedding day (she is very experienced and not easily ruffled)! She had the perfect combination of friendliness and firmness. She got everything done with a smile! At first, my husband I wondered if it was worth the added expense to hire her. Ha! She was worth it and more. My husband was so impressed, he told her that she should run for president.
— Prissy Snelling
We only had five months to plan our wedding and Jen made the whole process so much easier. She was very responsive and had an amazing talent for taking our ideas and making them even better! She referred us to some outstanding vendors who all did great jobs for us. Jen has a very pleasing personality and people enjoy being around her. The day of the wedding her services were priceless. She worked all day making sure everything was just as we wanted and was very accommodating to everyone’s needs.
— Tammy Booker
When our daughter Katie announced her engagement to our wonderful son-in-law, we were overwhelmed with joy, and then gripped by sheer panic. Planning the perfect wedding is one thing, but engineering and staging the event, is quite another. We knew enough from attending other weddings that the details are enormously important. So, on the enthusiastic recommendation of Stacey Emmott, owner/operator of our Chandelier Grove wedding venue, we met with Jen Lowrance of JLow Events. Katie and I were immediately taken by Jen’s personable and engaging character. She listened to what Katie envisioned for her dream wedding, and gave us practical suggestions, ideas, and recommendations. We were overjoyed to hire Jen to coordinate the event, but she helped us in so many other ways that were over and above what we imagined or expected. Katie and Dan’s wedding came off perfectly, down to the last detail. All the bridal party and many of the guests commented on how smooth and effortless the wedding ceremony and reception were. Jen kept the event moving forward with energetic precision, and perfect timing. Katie was truly radiant as she walked down the aisle, and she commented afterward that her wedding day could not have been more perfect.

Jen’s design and professional approach to event planning and coordinating are par excellence! Our family were actually able to enjoy time with family and friends. We navigated the wedding and reception in perfect peace, stress-free, and full of joy. In conclusion, we would like to say that Jen Lowrance is worth her weight in gold (though you can retain her services for quite a reasonable price:) We have another daughter and our first move after her engagement will be to pick up the phone and call Jen!
— Linda Kozar
Jen was a perfect match for my personality. I am a procrastinator and become overwhelmed when having to make a lot of decisions. Jen was always calm and positive (which was just what I needed) and was able to quickly come up with a great solution to any problem. I totally trusted her opinion and looked to her for answers to many questions. I was more than 100 percent pleased with the results on the day of the wedding. When I walked into the ceremony site, I literally started crying. It was beautiful beyond my expectations! The ceremony and reception went off like clock work and I was able to enjoy the reception without any worries or concerns!

Jen is easy to work with, has a great sense of humor and is fun! She has excellent communication skills and immediately responds to every email and phone call. She’s able to tell you what is and what isn’t worth the expense. I am so thankful that I had her during the wedding planning process and wholeheartedly recommend her services.
— Carol Clampitt
Not only is she undoubtedly the WORLDS BEST wedding planner but she is also just a great person. I think for anyone who attended the wedding, with the way everything ran so seamlessly, her planning skills speak for themselves. Absolutely every knot had been tied and every box had been checked and accounted for. While she is extremely organized, smart and thorough in the process of planning, organizing and ideas for the wedding, the real shine comes from her character and personality. Jen made sure to really get to know us. She knew everything we hoped for in a wedding, and exactly what we were going for. She was invested in every detail of the wedding because she knew what “feel” we were going for and made sure to get everything exactly how we wanted it and not just what vendor would get us the best price or what vendors she was friends with. Her wedding planning skills are second to none and I highly recommend her to anyone!!
— Meghan McAlpine

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